Guesthouse rooms

Anemi consists of 7 guest rooms, the “magirio” (the old house’s kitchen room) and the farm and it overlooks the highlands of Zagori. It is a village house!


On the ground floor, where the family’s farm animals were kept in the past, there are two guest rooms: “Karina” (Keel, a reference to our beloved sea!) and the stone room called “Roka” (Distaff), both built on a rock.

On the first floor we find our “baby” room “Anemidi” (Little Spinning Wheel), “Rodani” (another word for the Spinning Wheel) and “Tylichtra” ( ). All three rooms are painted with similar colors as they were before, the old house’s colors. The green, the blue and the yellow room.
“Adrachti” (Spindle) and “Saita” (Shuttle) rooms are on the second floor, having their own private veranda. Adrachti’s colors are a tribute to Zagori’s autumn colors that we love! We leave the internal shutters (the “kanatia” as called in the local dialect) of Saita’s eight windows open to allow the light to fill the room. Each one of Anemi’s rooms is not only comfortable but also unique, turning your stay in Zagori to a fairytale experience!

@Anemidi (Little Spinning Wheel)
Our little baby room…

@ Adrachti (Spindle)
Embellished with autumn colors and a desk waiting to inspire mental work.

@Karina (Keel)
Sea colors on the mountain!
A keel balancing our trip.

@Rodani (another word for the Spinning Wheel)
The story tells that someone who stayed in this room for one night revealed all his secrets!

@Roka, the 7th room of Anemi. It was completed last, one year after the rest, but the wait was worthwhile!

@ Tylichtra
It wraps you in its sweet, like light or like an egg yolk, yellow…

@Saita (Shuttle)
With a quick movement the shuttle passes the thread and the woven grows. Like the eyesight that stretches through the room’s eight windows, flies and disappears in the lowlands, from where a view comes back never to be forgotten! It is our guesthouse’s suite!
According to our son Odysseas: More beautiful than 1000 elephants flying on magic carpets